Mental disorders such as anxiety and depression impede the development of life in a normal way, alter our habits and behaviors and affect relationships at work, family and couple.

These disorders are manifested through symptoms in response to long periods of stress and distress or situations of danger that only exist in the mind. Exaggerated and repeated concerns and the difficulty to adapt to changes in personal or professional life are the most common causes for which we suffer from these disorders.

But healing from these diseases is much easier than it seems. Anxiety and depression are disorders that can be controlled by some simple exercises, which are practiced regularly, a couple of times a day, will help to significantly reduce stress.

Relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises are used to control the symptoms of anxiety because they provide a state of calm and inner peace through the controlof the mind.

Physical exercise performed moderately, has a series of benefits that help us to control the symptoms of any disorder and health as it improves the cardiorespiratory system, lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins among others.

Social relationships give us enormous benefits for our health because they relieve the feeling of isolation or loneliness, increase self-esteem, increase communication with other people,reinforce self-confidence and increase the level of expressiveness

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is essential to keep our body and mind in order. We must avoid foods high in saturated fat that cause an increase in cholesterol and opt for fruits and vegetables.

Avoiding alcohol and drugs improves our health, and therefore prevent our levels of anxiety and depression from rising, even preventing other diseases (cancer, bronchitis, respiratory infections, sexual impotence, osteoporosis ...).

Set goals but be realistic. The problem of realizing unreal goals (or impossible) is that it generates a stumbling block that aggravates states of anxiety and depression. The best goals are at the end of the most difficult paths and remember, enjoy the road and not just the goal.   

Do not rush when things are not going as you plan, reading self-help books like Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" will help you understand the here and now and how to free yourself from the suffering, anxiety and neurosis of everyday life by understanding that the cause of our problems are not others,not "the world out there," but ourown mind, seemingly unable to concentrate on NOW by always thinking about the past and worrying about the future.  

Think positively to attract everything to your life on wich you want to concentrate your thoughts.

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